Who We Are

The New African Immigrants Commission was established to advocate for the development and implementation of policies and programs to address the needs of the state’s sub-Saharan African population. The Commission is responsible for gathering and disseminating information regarding problems and programs concerning sub-Saharan African people, performing specific duties as defined by law, and creating an interagency council to provide and coordinate the exchange of information relative to the needs of this population and to promote the delivery of state services to such people.

Created by Sub. H.B. 500 of the 127th General Assembly of Ohio, the Commission consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. All members of the Commission must be of sub-Saharan African origin, and must be American citizens or lawful, permanent, resident aliens.  Members must be from urban, suburban, and rural geographical areas representative of sub-Saharan African people with a numerical and geographical balance of the sub-Saharan African population throughout the state. Commission members are not compensated.

The mission of the New African Immigrants Commission is to advocate for the self-sufficiency of sub-Saharan African people in Ohio.

The New African Immigrants Commission (NAIC) was created by the Ohio General Assembly and exercises powers and responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code 4112.31 & 4112.32.

Although enacted in 2018, the New African Immigrants Commission was empaneled by Governor John R. Kasich with the first six Commissioners in July 2017. Subsequently, one more commissioner was appointed in October 2017, with four members yet to be appointed.