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Committee Descriptions

2018 Goals

The objectives, in adherence with the statutory responsibilities of the Commission, are as follows:

  • Advocate for the sub-Saharan African people in Ohio to decision makers such as the Governor, general assembly, state agencies, and local governments on matters that impact sub-Saharan African people by proposing and reviewing legislation, reprioritizing existing programs, creating programs, and issuing reports.
  • Connect sub-Saharan African people with state agencies and programs, sub-Saharan African community organizations, organizations serving sub-Saharan Africans, and entrepreneurs across the state by hosting meetings and events, ensuring access to decision-making bodies, and promoting statewide communication.
  • Impact sub-Saharan African communities and businesses positively by applying and accepting grants, monitoring and evaluating subcontracted programs, conducting trainings, highlighting successes, and engaging in meaningful partnerships to increase the quality of life for all sub-Saharan African people in Ohio.

To increase the efficiency of the Commission, the goals will be encapsulated in the work done in the following areas:

  • Economic Impact: Maximizing the economic contributions to the State of Ohio and beyond. 
  • Ohio African Resource Network: Ensuring access and linkages to diverse resources. 
  • Public Policy & Education: Facilitating social, educational, and civic stability and integration.