Former Commission Member Biographies

Glory Brissett

Glory Brissett is Executive Director and founder of LesAngesGardien LLC International based in Cleveland, Ohio and three different countries in Africa,

Les Anges Gardien is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to improve the quality of life for children, widows, and the needy who are facing life threatening and terminal diseases worldwide. The organization focuses on humanitarian aid, disaster relief, education, and hunger abatement. We also support a number of motherless babies’ homes and schools for handicapped children in Africa.

Glory worked with five different refugees agencies, and in 2012 received a recognition award from Refugee Families Services in Atlanta GA for stopping children trafficking in refugee communities. Glory has partnered with Global Cleveland for Immigrants Heritage Year 2016 and 2017. Glory was a panelist for Freedom from Fear and shared the struggle of learning to trust again after fleeing the trauma of war. In 2017, Glory was selected by OHIO Channel Radio Cleveland, On The Sound of Ideas for Cleveland for helping with primary elections results and analysis. Glory is a 2007 graduate of UNILAC and is pursuing a career in Business at Cleveland State University. Glory Brissett is a Woman Leader in Glory be to God Ministries International.

Glory is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is married with three children, and speaks nine languages from seven countries in Africa.

Mariame Diabate

Mariame Diabate is first generation Guinean-American college graduate from The Ohio State University. She has served as two-time president of the African Youth League and has received various honors and accolades as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Theta Chapter. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, with a minor in Global Public Health from the Ohio State with research distinction. Her research and work focus on concerned unrepresentative communities in Columbus, Ohio in regards to the high infant mortality rate and its association with socioeconomic and environmental variables. With a goal to become a physician-scientist to conduct transnational research in high-risk communities, Mariame’s current post-baccalaureate work at Ohio State involves conducting computational analysis that will be used to calculate and determine the statistical significance of Breast and Ovarian Cancer (BRCA1) mutations in DNA-repair assays. This project's ultimate goal is to assess one's cancer risk and to aid physicians in the creation of care regime and preventative treatment course for their patients with unknown variants of BRCA1.

Tariq Mohamed

Tariq Mohamed is a documentary photographer, skilled in both still photography and video, who specializes in refugee affairs. In July of 2006, Tariq’s show, Forlorn in Ohio, which documented the plight of Somali refugees, appeared at the Kiaca Gallery in Columbus. Forlorn in Ohio also traveled to Wright State University, in 2007. Several images from that show are now part of the permanent collection of the Columbus Museum of Art. In recognition to the power of his work to call attention to the plight of refugees, Tariq was honored with the South Side Settlement House’s prestigious Arts Freedom Award in 2006. In that year, he also won the Ohio Art Council’s Individual Artist Award. In 2008, Tariq was given the Individual Artist Award by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. He directed the documentary, “Emergency Living: Somalia in the Aftermath of Famine.” Tariq also directed “Women, War and Resettlement: Nasro’s Journey,” which was aired on WOSU Public Television in 2012. In 2014, Tariq’s film, “The Darien Gap,” was shown in the 2nd United States Conference on African Immigrant and Refugee Health. In 2015, Tariq’s photo spread appeared in the Magazine, 614, in an article entitled, “Journeys of the Diaspora.” In 2015, Tariq also did a photo spread for a publication entitled, Impact of Refugees in Central Ohio. In 2017, along with writer Doug Rutledge, Tariq Mohamed had a photographic exhibition of 30 Bhutanese-Nepali refugees residing in Columbus, OH. Currently, he is working on a book project, documenting representative refugee populations, who have made their home in Central Ohio.