Committee Descriptions

The standing committees created by the commission are:

  • Education and Cultural Affairs Committee
  • Social Services and Outreach Committee
  • Workforce and Business Development Committee
  • Health and Wellness Committee
  • Legal Services Committee

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee

  1. Plans, organizes, schedules, and implements cultural programs and events;
  2. Provides staff assistance to commissions, committees and other organizations;
  3. Prepares recommendations on cultural program development and implements programs through liaison with community groups, educational organization/ institutions, libraries and governmental agencies;
  4. Develops and coordinates a wide variety of cultural programs and events to increase community interest and involvement;
  5. Works with Commissioners, African immigrant organizations, volunteers and others to develop, promote and implement cultural exhibits, activities and programs;
  6. Facilitates and organizes events, dialogues, and discussions that explore the identity of African peoples, intended to support community-building and showcasing the value of multiculturalism;
  7. Promote appreciation and awareness for the rich multiculturalism of the African Immigrant community;
  8. Coordinates workshops in cooperation with local artists, educational organizations and community groups;

Social Services and Outreach Committee

  1. Implements outreach and awareness programs through partnerships and collaboration with other community organizations, service providers and human service agencies.
  2. Informs African community organizations and new African immigrant individuals and families of available resources
  3. Conducts field research to assist in establishing goals and activities;
  4. Coordinates and/or performs various public relation activities prepares speeches, scripts, exhibits, films, newsletters, and press releases to publicize programs and activities of the commission
  5. Works with African immigrants - individuals and families- along with other service providers to ensure access to basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing.

Health and Wellness Committee

  1. Promotes a culture of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for members of the African Immigrant Community by providing activities and support that will result in healthier lifestyles.
  2. Facilitates wellness communication through various online resources, workshops, and events.
  3. Offers programs that encourages physical activity, emotional well-being, mental health, and healthy eating habits.
  4. Recommends to the Commissioners possible community events that the New African Immigrant Commission should consider promoting/participating in

Workforce and Business Development Committee

  1. Works with the Ohio Job and Family Services- Office of Workforce Development.
  2. Provides the community more information on the Workforce Investment Act and local administrative contacts.
  3. Encourages and engages African youth in programs for employment, civic engagement and participation, leadership, and social integration, while providing the platform for interactive discourse on issues pertaining to African immigrant youth.
  4. Educates and inspires African immigrant youth about government activities, entrepreneurship, community engagement services.

Legal Services Committee

  1. Assists the African immigrant community with access to free or/and affordable legal support by creating a legal liaison board that provides answers and redirects to legal questions, information on individual's legal rights and responsibilities, and describing available options.
  2. Promotes conflict resolution and conflict prevention programs in the community.
  3. Encourages African immigrants to enroll in affordable legal plans as well as seek out legal aid volunteers that can provide free legal counselling to community members
  4. Suggests to African immigrant community members to seek the assistance of an attorney for representation in courtroom appearances and suggesting resources for finding an attorney.
  5. Organizes programs and speakers on legal issues of interest to the African Immigrant community. This may include bringing members of the legal profession to speak at community events, conducting workshops, and disseminating brochures on common legal problems.

The commission shall change, discontinue, and/or add ah-hoc special committees at its discretion by majority vote at a Commission meeting.

Committee members shall serve for an initial two-year term, renewable for one-year terms as approved by the Chair.

All committees shall elect a chair, and any other officers as needed, renewable at Chair’s discretion, and with the goal of ensuring that members are taken from communities statewide. Each committee shall have at least 1 commissioner member, approved by the Chair of the Commission.

The Commission Chair, or a designee, shall be a non-voting member of all committees.

The Commission shall be the final authority on all recommendations offered or decisions taken by committees.

Committees shall not, unless otherwise directed by Chair, speak on behalf of the Commission. All members of the Committees are approved for service by the Commission Chair but any community member may apply or be recommended by a Commissioner.